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October 2023
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Presidents-  Alysha Smith

Vice President- Andrea Harrod

Secretary- Theresa Hogan

Treasurer- Liz Hopkins

Fundraising- Lisa Brady

Teacher Liaison- Allegra Aldridge


Giusi Di Leo

Auditor- Nicholas Filippi

PTA exists to serve families and students by supporting our school through fundraisers, events, and enrichment. Thank you to this year's executive board for giving of their time and energy to help make El Monte a great place to learn and grow!

Please join the PTA! You do not have to go to the meetings although you are welcome to be a part. PTA meetings are the third Wednesday of the month via Zoom until further notice. 

You can email the PTA: Email PTA

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Co-Presidents                                                                        Alysha Smith

Vice President                                                                        Andrea Harrod

Secretary                                                                                Theresa Hogan

Treasurer                                                                               Liz Hopkins 

Fundraising                                                                            Lisa Brady

Teacher Liaison                                                                     Allegra Aldridge                        

Historian/Parliamentarian                                                  Giusi Di Leo                          

Auditor                                                                                   Nicholas Filippi