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Uniform Policy

El Monte School Wide Dress Code 2020-2021


El Monte has a school-wide uniform policy, as voted upon by the parents and staff.  Students must * wear uniforms Monday-Friday.  On designated Spirit Days (Friday), a Bulldog T-shirt/Green Team T-shirt or Bulldog sweatshirt may be substituted for a uniform shirt and worn with uniform pants, shorts, skirt, skort, or jumper only.  We will also have theme days on designated Fridays  (eg. Crazy Hat Day, Twin Day, Wear It Backwards Day, etc.).  Free Friday dress passes are available for purchase in the student store.


  1. White blouse or white, grey, navy blue or light blue polo shirt (long or short sleeve) with a collar.  No logos are allowed.  No T-shirts except for Spirit Wear on Fridays.
  2. Navy blue, black or khaki pants, shorts, skirt, skort, dress (with a collar) or jumper. NO JEANS AND NO LEGGINGS WORN AS PANTS!  Leggings may be worn under a skirt, never as pants.  Navy track pants are ok.  Please note: a white or grey stripe of less than 1 inch in diameter is okay on track pants; logos are NOT allowed on track pants.  Skirts and dresses must be long enough that when a student holds their arms straight down, the skirt or dress is longer than the tip of the middle finger.  No sequins or sparkles.
  3. Closed toe shoes (tennis shoes or sturdy closed toe shoes).  No flip flops, Crocs, high-heel or wedge-heel shoes, platform shoes/sneakers or sandals may be worn for safety purposes. 
  4. Socks and leggings/tights- suggest navy, grey, black or white.  Must be a solid color.
  5. Navy, black, grey, khaki or white sweatshirt, sweater or jacket are suggested.
  6. Hats are to be worn only on the playground-forward facing. 
  7. Friday Spirit Days:  Bulldog T-shirt or sweatshirt with uniform bottoms.
  8. Make-up, excessive/long jewelry, torn clothing, fake nails and unnaturally dyed/colored hair is not considered appropriate at the elementary school level.
  9. See the district and school parent handbooks for guidelines for clothing.


NOTE:  Please make sure to send a sweater/sweatshirt/coat with your child during cooler weather.  It is essential that you label these items so that they can be returned to your student if they are left in the cafeteria, library, or on the playground.  The Lost & Found is in a gray barrel at the top of the stairs, or at the end of the stage in the MU.


Uniforms Direct in Antioch has a wide selection of uniform clothing.  In July & August, the following stores have a selection available: WalMart, Kmart, Target, Old Navy.  Sears and JCPenney also carry uniform clothing.


Operation School Bell assistance is available to families in financial need.  Please sign up at Walk-Thru or let the office know if you need assistance to purchase a uniform or have any questions.


If you do not want your child to wear a uniform for religious or other reasons, please make an appointment to meet with the principal prior to being granted a uniform waiver.